Wooden Teething Ring

R 115

The adorable wooden Bunny Ear Teether will be your teething baby's absolute favourite thing! The Teether is comprised of an untreated, hardwood ring and soft little bunny ears. Each teether is individually crafted and careful quality controls ensure consistent quality.


  • Handmade in SA
  • Great for soothing teething babies
  • Wood ring with ears
  • Available in various colour combinations


  • Wood ring diameter: standard size 7cm / tiny teether size 5.5cm 
  • Length: standard size 15cm / tiny teether size 10cm


  • Ears are removable and machine washable on a gentle, warm setting
  • The wood ring can be rinsed in warm water and left to air dry


  • All products are handmade and as a result, there may be slight variations in size

If you require more than one colour option 
Simply choose your first colour and add the product to your cart, then follow the same process of choosing another colour and adding the product to your cart.

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