Sitz Bath Salts (for postpartum relief)

R 180

“Sitz bath” comes from the German word “sitzen” meaning to sit. A sitz bath is a pool of (usually warm) water that you sit in, with only your hips and bottom submerged.


Benefits of a sitz bath include: 

Improved blood flow, reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

Relieves the itching that often accompanies stitches

It is cleansing therefore reducing the risk of infection



Epsom salts (which contain magnesium which can help to relax and sooth muscles)

Pink Himalayan salts (relieves tension and stresses in the body)

Baking soda (softens the skin and assists in relieving itching)

Witch Hazel (relieves Inflammation)

Lavender essence (helps with cleansing and relaxing)

Chamomile (eases the nerves and soothes the skin)


Instruction card which outlines how to use the salts as well as the benefits is included 

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